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While not without a few optimization issues, Shark Simulator is still a grand time that I feel most people could enjoy. Especially if most people enjoy crazy physics and pink sharks flailing around on land while dressed in cool shades, wild hair, and a fine moustache. It also has some rad music going for it, which is always a plus. It feels so dramatic at times, which is a great contrast for such a silly game.

Good job, devs. You made a fun thing.
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This game was creative (and confusing) as hell! Initially I thought I'd be playing it for 10 minutes or so, ended up sinking an hour into it and will definitely be making a series!

I'm sure you're aware of the bugs and glitches but it's good fun, thanks to your team :)

like the game very fun and has some cool ideas cant wait for more!!

i loved the game but faced alot bugs awhile playing and made it unplayable in the end of the vid but when i did get to play it was enjoyable!
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Great game, i have a challenge!

you try to keep the cops on you for as long as you can!


1. you cant get out of city once you have cops on you, nor can you start outside the city.

2. you must kill at least 20 cops, and 5 swats

3. you cant buy anything, and you cant pause.

Submit you time, my time is 10:06.67

                                                                m  s     ms

Made a video

What engine? :3

That's Unity! :)

best game I have played in ages and now I finally understand sharks on a personal and emotional level

I always love games like this. Awesome game :D 


Hello! I had a lot of fun playing your game as well as some challenges, but in the end it was a fun experiance! I wish you luck on future developments!


Fun little game! 


Cool, but the game will need heavy optimisation and the harpoon needs fixed. Also people rarely run away from the shark.


This game is 100% amazing and I really feel like I know what its like to be a shark now. 


Most realistic Shark Simulator ever.




Well, you get what the title promises, you become a shark. I like the light summer vibe this game gives, although at the start you have to kill 50 people (it's clear the protagonist is more like the psycho shark of Jaws, not just a dude out for a lunch). Of course, once you discover the other even more unrealistic aspects, it all changes. Not sure about the handling of some features, the map in M button is sure logical, but it's not the easiest to reach (maybe combine it with the pause menu), also the camera in some places (like near the water surface) is a bit dodgy at times.

I'd like to invite this game to our contest, the Game Development World Championship!

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so i stumbled across this game and this happened lol 

I think
I think this was more meant for a game pad as, I found the controls a little difficult on the keyboard. The tutorial went a little fast for my liking as, well but overall the game was fun. I'll definatly give it another go to master the controls of Ed!

This game was a lot of fun to play I would recommend it to everyone. 

Dear Game Dev, 

You need to make it easier to find the shop, or the things that you want people to be doing. Like knowing where to go to buy the big sword.

Best Regards,




Thanks for the video! You can have a map with points of interests by pressing M.


thank you

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To get a better idea of the game content, you can watch these cool videos by Cheru!

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