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About this game

Shark Simulator is a WTF physics sandbox. Play as Ed the shark, and give those tourists a vacation they will remember!

Shark Simulator is about causing as much trouble as you can on a paradise island. Wreck an entire city using nothing but your jaw (at least in the beginning).

Key Features

  • You can be a shark
  • Discover a paradise island full of surprises 
  • Tons of tourists to slaughter
  • Fierce cops eager to hunt you down
  • Mighty equipments to help you rule the world
  • Powerful weapons to make a true war machine out of you
  • Spend your hard-earned money in many shops

Check out the soundtrack on Bandcamp!



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lol why do the officers drive underwater and get killed instantly

This game is so much fun to play! It's so ridiculous and brings lots of laughs with it. Here's my video on it! :))

Hey I think your game was awesome I loved unlocking weapons for maximum carnage, I covered it in a video here if any of you are interested:

Finally, this is what being a shark is all about.

This was amazing! We did a series on it, this is the first episode!

I had legit alot of fun making this video. Check it out, and if i make you laugh, please like the video and share it. And if your really really nice, you could comment too. Thanks people!

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Hiyya! I hope you don't mind, but I played your game for my channel.

I found it to be very entertaining with its silly GTA styled gameplay and funny physics. As violent and odd as this sounds, I thoroughly enjoyed exploding the gas stations and dressing up the shark with mustaches and pimp hats, so overall this was a fun and quirky experience. 


Can you make it 'claimable' please.

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I included Shark Sim in my most recent video! What a great game!So much fun! wish i had more time to explore the weapons etc ! :D

Shark Sim is the second game of this video

Thank you! :D

Gameplay Brazil


Can you make a version for Mac

if you download Wine Bottler you can play windows games on mac novice!

some time you wili in the wall


Such a good game, so silly yet so fun XD

I finally tried this game and went from general shark to funny peaceful to ultimate flying killer! Amazing :)

Fun and ridiculous!

So I did this with it. This is a thing. 

jacksepticeye did a video of this game

congratulations to the developer of this game


This game is a good game simulator ! That was fun ! 

This was way more fun then I thought it was going to be!

made me wanna replay goat simulator lol 

i love this game

WHat was this made with?

Honestly, this game is so much fun to play. The physics are funny and entertaining. After I recorded this video, I went off and played for hours. 10/10!

Not my kind of game (sandbox with physics) but I have some fun.
I want to report some bugs, so I put here or send some PM or forum?

This game is so much fun, its the game I never knew I wanted to play, but I do as its hilarious! And  the map is so big, im gonna keep exploring this! Keep up the great work dude! :) 

Really fun game, little hard to control but that's kind of part of the fun. Flailing about like a fish out of water. I'd like to be able to have a beard AND a mustache though.

This game was super funny and i think i broke it multiple times ! great fun cant wait to see all the future updates! 

i never thought i would be escaping the police as a shark, this sure is a fun little game!

Major goat simulator vibes from this one and I absoluly loved it! A creative use of sandbox mechanics and all I wanted to do was keep playing to get bigger and better weapons! Had a blast with this game and definitly made me question everything I knew about sharks. XD 

Gameplay Brazilian

I had an absolute blast playing this game! The graphics to the funny physics are perfect. I almost wish this was a GTA5 mod. lol I learned later that there are outfits and weapons you can attach to Ed (the shark) which only makes this game even better. 

I made a game play video of my first time playing it. Needless to say I had loads of fun. xD

This is so much fun and definetly worth the time! This is GTA meets a Shark! 

I return with a second part, because this game is too fun for just a one-off!

Sharks, tornadoes, laser swords...grappling hooks! Time machines, apparently?! This game has everything but a pink bunny named Frederico.

This game shouldn't even be free, it's such a great game that you should atleast charge people 5 dollars. So long as you update this game, it will be the next goat sim or something bigger! 

I went in to this thinking it'd be just a cheap goat simulator knock off, but was pleasantly surprised. For an unfinished free title, there's a surprisingly large world with lots to see and do. It's too bad that you guys had to stop development, but I understand how these things can go. A little video was the least I could do in support. Thanks for leaving it up for free!


Great game for a laugh, but also has surprisingly high production value! I already said this in my review, but I have to state how much I enjoyed everything about this game. The overworld, game play, music, and sound effects were all paid an incredible amount of detail.  Even the minutiae were neat to see, such as the humans looking back towards the shark while being chased, as a way to gauge if they'll "get bitten." Overall, it ran very smoothly. Shark Simulator is a rare, strong indie title. Good job devs!


much fun!

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