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About this game

Shark Simulator is a WTF physics sandbox. Play as Ed the shark, and give those tourists a vacation they will remember!

Shark Simulator is about causing as much trouble as you can on a paradise island. Wreck an entire city using nothing but your jaw (at least in the beginning).

Key Features

  • You can be a shark
  • Discover a paradise island full of surprises 
  • Tons of tourists to slaughter
  • Fierce cops eager to hunt you down
  • Mighty equipments to help you rule the world
  • Powerful weapons to make a true war machine out of you
  • Spend your hard-earned money in many shops

Check out the soundtrack on Bandcamp!


Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(62 total ratings)
GenreAction, Simulation
TagsFunny, gamepad, island, Physics, Sandbox, shark, silly, wacky


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grand theft auto but if it had a shark lol


Lo amé XDD Me recordó a MANEATER pero más divertido


How do you get to the game after downloading it

does it need internet?


What an interesting game I’ve played today and I went through a fraction of it. The physics were really fun to play around with actually, especially how if you spam the spacebar the shark goes light speed. I happened to make a video on it if that's ok. I hope you make more games like this in the future because it was really fun. Good Luck!




I checked this out in a free games video! I honestly had a lot of fun playing this game, there were some bugs but I found them funny. I actually want to do a full video completing the quests at some point! :DD 

sometimes, you glitch through the floor of the map when you have the "big sword" equipped. other than that, its a fantastic game! 10/10

This game is great fun but needs a better engine or optimisation.

However there are plenty of options for improving the performance, so the author is aware of the heavy CPU/GPU use.


Nice game im downloading it but didn try it i did see it on youtube it was so cool and good at the same time 

we paid for ir 3 times they took the money and dosen't download, what a rip off


press "no thanks,just take me to downloads"

possibly the laggiest, most bugged game i've ever played, surprising it lagged opn a $1600 PC. i love it. this is great. killing has never felt so satisfying

the price of a computer hardly means anything mines cheeper and this runs fine its about the hardware

I played this blind the other night and damn am I impressed. I'm definitely going to be playing more and explore the city. (check description if you want to just skip to the shark sim part) 



Why my computer show the zip is damaged

We played your crazy, fun game here: 

Shame it glitched out on us eventually but hey! Loved the GTA references and similarity to Goat Simulator.

jagged-panda why my computer download this game is defat

Hey bro do you have  Android or iOS version.


100% realistic never ever senn something this amzing... YOU CAN LITERALLY PUT A KATANA ON YOUR TAIL!! (or whatever they call a sharks butt

they call a sharks butt A TAIL

it was a very fun and different game. My favourite out of the thee I played.

(1 edit)

Very fun! Very glitchy as well but it was pretty funny too haha (starts at 3:07)


This is possibly, one of the best games i have ever played in a long time lol LOVED IT!

jogo do bitgamer

This game was really fun to try out! 


i played this game with 5g on and it gave me AIDS thanks a lot you stupid piece of fuck never playing this game again


I think its your computer not the game.

I know this was 4 months ago but you good?

Wowza this is a hilarious game with great gameplay. The only gripe is that it can get a bit laggy. I tried the lowest settings and it still lags. I thought this was a lot of fun to play.

Starts at 9:15

Your game is immensely fun! Definitely going to be booting it up again soon.


This was fun too bad I had way to much fun to care about the task at hand HaAHA! bonus clip!!!! 

Bonus clip at the end for some corny shark jokes WINK WINK

Played this on my channel today, had fun, would hit cops with their own cop car again. 10/10

This game is my new therapy. It is simple, but has a fair amount to it for a game about playing as a shark, and there are more items in the game than I originally thought (tornado machine is the best).
Feel free to check out the video below

how do i use the stores?

PLEASE  bring to mac

It fails at being goat simulator, graphically wise it's great. It lags, not only to me, everybody i heard with good computers still got lags.

But, it is it's own gem. I liked it! It has its own money system, gun system, mini games, no rules. It's alright, cute game.

lol why do the officers drive underwater and get killed instantly

This game is so much fun to play! It's so ridiculous and brings lots of laughs with it. Here's my video on it! :))

Hey I think your game was awesome I loved unlocking weapons for maximum carnage, I covered it in a video here if any of you are interested:

Finally, this is what being a shark is all about.

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